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Titus II parts were developed with throughput and maintenance in mind. Through continuously working with our customer's maintenance staff for many years, we have refined our replacement parts for maximum efficiency. The design of the Titus II Grinder and replacement parts will save hours of downtime! With a variety of hammers & screens to choose from, you won’t be disappointed.

Replacement Parts: Product


OEM Hammers

Centrifugal Hammers are available as Straight or Flared Profiles with one or two hole mounting styles. 

Titus hammers are reversible and come standard in a hardened material and are available in custom shapes for many applications.

For longer life on the "Wet Side" we suggest our  ACCELERATOR  EDITION   Hammers! Accelerator Hammers undergo a special process that enhances the durability of the material, allowing it to better survive the punishing environment.

Replacement- When edges become rounded, Hammers should be replaced with OEM Sets. Not using Titus II Hammers with the Titus II Grinder could result in short life or damage of other components. 


Hammer-Mill Replacement Screens

Titus II No-Bolt screens are easy to change, resulting in less downtime. Screens are available in several hole sizes and can be made with several shapes.
Screen integrity is critical to finished product size. When the holes look worn and no longer conform to the original specs, its time to replace the screen. Please contact us for Ordering and Product Details. Screens are typically 1/4" thick Steel.
1/4"  5/16"  3/8"  7/16"  1/2"  3/4"
*Full or Half Size Available


Rotor Rods

Standard Rods are Hardened for additional wear life with quick no-tool changing. Available in Standard size and Half Size.


Top Quality

Our Rotors feature "Slingers" and are machined and balanced to ensure best performance and maximum bearing life. When Rotors begin to look thin (less than 5/16") or show excessive wear on the plates or shaft, it is necessary to replace the rotor. Rotors can often be rebuilt! Please contact us to find out more!

Replacement Parts: Product


Built to Last

Made with heavy duty plate steel, our Hoods are designed for better results and durability. Hoods are offered in Standard and Hardened Steel.
Traps can be useful in collecting unwanted objects that find their way into the machine and make retrieving these items much more convenient.
Standard Hoods come with No Traps, but One and Two Trap Options are available. Traps are also offered in a Standard and Hardened Steel.

Hood with Traps.jpg
Bearing and Oiler.jpg


Bearings and Related Parts

The bearings that we offer have been specifically chosen and paired with the Titus II to ensure the best performance possible. Bearings can use Oilers or Grease Fittings depending on preference.


Titus Parts

We carry all Titus II Parts for your convenience! Motors, Wear Plates, Hydraulics, Seal Assemblies, Guards, Vibration Pads, and more! We also offer other custom parts available per request. Let us know what we can make for you.

Replacement Parts: Product
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