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At Titus Inc. we are committed to creating the best possible products for your business, with the utmost care and quality that you truly deserve. To us, the job is not complete until we know that our customers are satisfied with the end-results. Our ultimate goal is to make it easier for you to run your business. Keep reading to learn more about our values, or contact us for more details.

Titus Inc. had its start from a family rendering business. In 1921, Ivan Read founded Plymouth Fertilizer Co. Ivan had three sons, James, Jay, and Lester who eventually came to work for Plymouth Fertilizer. James started with Plymouth Fertilizer while still in high school. Lester started working for Plymouth Fertilizer after returning from the Marines. He was present at the raising of the first flag on Mount Suribachi in WWII. Jay, the youngest, joined his brothers when he became old enough. The three brothers and their families worked alongside Ivan to build the company into a successful business. Tom Read, Ivan’s Grandson and President of Titus Inc., can still recall when farmers would call on Plymouth Fertilizer to pick up dead stock. Each time Ivan would give the farmers a silver dollar. The “Tankage” or meat scraps that were processed were used for fertilizer.

Plymouth Fertilizer grew steadily until it burned down on December 9th, 1960. It looked as though Plymouth Fertilizer was going to be forced to close until a local man named Harold Stone came out to the plant with a bulldozer and said “Well, where do we start?” With the help of family and friends, the cleanup began. Plymouth Fertilizer was once again built from scratch. Tragedy almost closed the plant a second time in June of 1971, when Ivan Read was killed in a tragic accident. After the incident James, Jay, and Lester took ownership of the company that their father had built from the ground up twice.

Eventually Continuous Cooker system was purchased which helped to expand the business. Plymouth Fertilizer sold large amounts of product all over the United States. At one point the brothers thought it would be interesting to start a processing plant for sunflower seeds which they did quite successfully. They even had the product made kosher in order to serve a larger customer base. In the spring of 1992 the idea of starting a separate business that could fabricate and maintain equipment for Plymouth Fertilizer came to life. The brothers brought this new endeavor before their families who agreed to the business expansion. Excitement over this new opportunity soon turned into reality when they purchased fifteen acres that was previously used as a utilities substation near the fertilizer plant.

Titus Inc. opened for business in January, 1993. When the company began resources were minimal. Everything was done in hand written documents and handshake agreements. Jobs were planned and designed in soap stone drawn out on the concrete floors. In these humble beginnings, the Titus II Grinder was perfected. The Titus II grinder is currently one of the leading products in the rendering industry and is gaining momentum in the recycling and biofuel industries.

In time, Plymouth Fertilizer phased out and sold their assets. After the sale of the fertilizer business Titus had the opportunity to refocus and provide new services to new markets. This led to the success of the welding and fabrication division of Titus Inc. Today, Titus is still family owned and operated, realizing Ivan’s dream to expand the family business that Ivan started so long ago. Through strong faith and principles, Titus remains an industry leader and a fixture in the community.

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